In-service training

Modern Didactics Center elaborates in-service training programmes for qualification improvement of pedagogues and other groups of adults. Most training programmes are developed for all subject teachers of general education working with children of all ages, class tutors, as well as for lecturers of high schools, colleges, universities, vocational school teachers, non-formal education specialists, school psychologists, special educators, social educators.
The lecturers are those of the Modern Didactics Center, teachers of secondary schools and lecturers from the universities who are experienced in adult education.
The participants get the MDC certificates, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania.

Since 2008 Modern Didactics Center acquired officially accreditation as adult education center.

In-service training programmes
Development of creativity at humanities and social classes
School self-evaluation activities for students’ progress and development of the organization
Effective data use at school
Creating digital stories
Effective work helpers: scheduling, conduction of meetings, effective empathic listening and presentation of information
Reading and writing for critical thinking
Critical thinking scheme
A famework for active learning and critical thinking
Methods for promoting critical thinking
Critical thinking lesson planning
Critical thinking lessons assessment and evaluation
Critical thinking development in writing
Creating thoughtful readers
Working with text
The importance of critical thinking in developing a healthy lifestyle
Appliance of critical thinking scheme in teaching children with special needs
Critical thinking in pre-primary stage
Critical thinking for successful future career
Conflict management
Continuity and succession in the initial stage of education
School library in change: development of critical thinking
Group work method in the educational process
Project method in the educational process
A positive attitude in communication and conversation management
Strategic planning
Adult education
Anti-corruption education opportunities for secondary school
Mažeikiai Ziburelis primary school experience working under the program "Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking ”
Establishing and development of school museum

International courses and workshops

Modern Didactics Centre has organized Grundtvig LLP workshop Reading, Writing and Reflection for Engaged Meaningful Learning (Ref. No. 2013-1-LT1-GRU13-09154) on 8-14 June 2014. Workshop was targeted to adult educators and specialists working in the field of literacy and adult education institutions’ staff. The workshop was intended to provide content materials and instructions that will enable participants to improve their professional skills on teaching functional and multiple literacy. 20 adult learners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom were participated in the workshop. 

Modern Didactics Centre has organized Grundtvig LLP workshop Rethinking contemporary issues (Ref.  No. 2010-1-LT1-GRU13-02891) on 6-10 June 2011. Workshop was devoted to any adult learners, interested in personal and professional development, continuous self-improvement, eager to learn new learning strategies, innovative methods and searching for new ideas. The programme was intended to provide content materials and instructions that will enable participants to think critically about contemporary issues. 15 learners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and 4 teachers form Lithuania. 

Modern Didactics Centre has organized Socrates Grundtvig workshop Critical Thinking Development for Successful Future Career (Ref. No. LT-2004-001 / LT-2005-001) on 18-22 July 2004 and 10-16 June 2005. 11 teachers from Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Luxembourg, Finland participated in 2004 and 5 teachers from Greece, Spain, Germany, Turkey participated in 2005. Course participants shared their experience of career education and guidance in their institutions and countries. Lecturers presented Modern Didactics Centres' project MIND and products developed during this project - integrated and specialized programmes "Critical Thinking for Career". These programmes was used as examples teaching course participants to apply critical thinking strategies for career education integration into their teaching subjects.

Modern Didactics Centre has organized Socrates Grundtvig workshop Strategies for Promoting Critical Thinking (Ref. No. LT-005-2002-2003) on 9-13 June 2003. 10 teachers from Finland, Great Britain, Malta, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal participated in the workshop. The course was designed for educators who seek ways to support the democratisation process through classroom instruction. Course participants acquired a broad repertoire of strategies that help students learn material more thoroughly and deeply be able to plan and implement a number of learning strategies of critical thinking promotion in their classrooms, also they formed concrete plans how to apply methods in their own practice. 



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