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MSS is self owned founded by communities in the area, the local labour unions, the local college, some key companies and the National Workers/ Educational Association. The main objective of MSS is to promote and assist in adult education in an area with special attention to the increase of continuing education, increased qualification as well as well-being of the population. MSS gives hobby courses, courses for unemployed people, courses for unskilled employees and continuing education for skilled personnel. Courses are prepared in cooperation with other educational institutions, companies, individuals and organisations. MSS targets those who have not completed the upper secondary level of education. This target group comprises 40% of people in the labor market, although the ratio varies between years and regions. These people are usually not motivated to attend school and it is a big role for MSS to find and use new methods to motivate people to continue and finish their education.

Project coordinator

Guðjónína S¿mundsdóttir

Guðjónína has bachelor degree in Tourism from H¸gskolen in Lillehammer, Norway One year study in statistics from the University of Oslo Study, and guidance counseling from The University of Iceland. Guðjónína has 9 years experience in working in adult education as a expert in counseling for companies about educational programs for employees to improve their skills and as administrator for MSS and has led MSS through big changes to expand the business.


Anna Lóa Ólafsdóttir

Anna Lóa has bachelor degree from the Teachers University in Iceland and a diploma as an educational and career counselor from the University of Iceland. One year study in the theology department at the University of Iceland. Anna is currently working on her master’s degree.
Anna Lóa is currently working as a career counselor in MSS. Anna has been working there since 2006 and her work includes educational and career guidance and tutoring different courses at the center. Before entering the world of lifelong education Anna worked as a teacher for five years in primary school as well as working as an instructor at one of the Icelandic health centers.


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