The final result of the project is find out effective social advertisement and marketing strategies as well as service delivery forms to increase motivation and participation of vulnerable groups adults in life long learning process.

Different types of partner organizations (NGOs, state education centre, college) and local networks of non-formal partners have been involved into the implementation of the project and dissemination of its results.

As an intermediate project results there was an executive report on existing statistics and research about motivation to participate/not participate/ in learning; information distribution channels, most popular learning forms and topics).

Project results:

Survey (qualitative interview with representatives of target group and adult educators about motivation to participate or not to participate in life long learning process, most appropriate forms of learning and information distribution channels)
Summary of interview
Results of interview - Finland
Results of interview - Iceland

Mapping in country situations concerning target group (target group analysis)
Situation in Lithuania
Situation in Finland
Situation in Iceland

Development and testing of service packages (original social advertisement & marketing tools, non-traditional learning/teaching forms, innovative learning content)
Findings about adults motivation to learn in Iceland, Finland and Lithuania

Internal monitoring and evaluation reports (done by project partners, target group and social networks in countries)

External evaluation reports (done by subcontracted external evaluator, specialist on social advertisement and marketing)

Project webpage

Dissemination activities (presentations in conferences, meetings, seminars, articles in regional newspapers (at least 4 article), informational leaflet in EN, LT, FI, IS)
Leaflet EN
Leaflet LT
Leaflet FI
Leaflet IS

Article about the project (LT)

Reports, presentations from final conference, 7 June 2012 Vilnius, Lithuania
Project implementation in Lithuania - presentation of Modern Didactics Center
The first steps - presentation of Sudurnes Center for Education, Iceland
Project implementation in Finland - presentation of Pirkanmaa Westcome Adult Education Unit



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