Public Education in Development Cooperation Issues


Project duration:
The first stage – 15 June-15 November 2010
The second stage – 1 June-15 November 2011

Project supported by – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania

Applicant – Association LITDEA (Lithuanian NGOs Network of Development Education and Cooperation) (MDC is one of Association's members)

Coordinator – National Development Institute

Partner – The Association of Chiefs of Local Authorities of Lithuania (ACLAL)

Project aim

To convey information to the public on development cooperation, promoting not only interest in it, but also active participation in contributing to its development, to promote public interest in global problems, its members, as Europeans, contribution to the strengthening of developing countries.

Project participants and target groups
Chiefs of Lithuania local authorities, community leaders, coordinators of youth affairs, workers responsible for the work with NGO
Project activities

During the year 2010 project experts selected the group of chiefs of local authorities, which have participated in two days training on development cooperation according specially prepared program.

After trainings each group of participants have got consultations on specific local authorities’ action programs improvement, in order to evaluate the inclusion of aspects of development co-operation opportunities. It is expected that chiefs of local authorities will transfer gained knowledge to the local community and other local representatives.

In total 80 chiefs of Anyksciai, Jonava, Jurbarkas, Kaisiadorys, Kaunas, Kazlu Ruda, Kelme, Klaipeda, Kretinga Lazdijai, Mazeikiai, Pasvalys, Prienai, Raseiniai, Rokiskis, Skuodas, Sakiai, Siauliai, Silute, Sirvintos, Svencionys, Taurage, Telsiai, Trakai, Utena, Varena, Siauliai, Vilnius municipalities have participated in project activities.

With regard to Lithuania chiefs interest in the project and the fact that development cooperation / education theme remains unknown to many residents of Lithuania, there was planned the continuation of this project.

In 2011 m. there was developed a special development cooperation training program and basing on it trainings have been  organized for project target groups.



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