Integration of children with special needs into school

Duration: 2001 - 2002

Project supported by:
Foundation for Educational Change, Lithuania

Project aim
To warrant an integration of children with special needs into education institutions.

Project objectives
  • To organize a training session for subject teachers, social pedagogues, special pedagogues, psychologists, speech specialists.
  • To present for project participants theory and methodology of work with special needs children, to analyse peculiarities of communication with these children, to present strategies of common problem solving. 
  • To develop and to test action plans for work with special needs children.
Project participants
Two groups of teachers participated in the project - 60 subject teachers, social pedagogues, special pedagogues, psychologists and speech specialists. They represented 43 schools of different level - pre-primary, primary, basic, secondary, special schools and gymnasiums, from different regions of Lithuania.

Project lecturers:
assoc. prof. Valdone INDRASIENE, associated professor of Vilnius Pedagogical University
Lina STAISIUNAITE, junior lecturer of the Department of Social Pedagogy of Vilnius Pedagogical University
Zivile BARKAUSKAITE-LUKSIENE, junior lecturer of the Department of Educology of Vilnius Pedagogical University
Alvyra GALKIENE - director of Vilnius "Versme" gymnasium

Project activities
During the project three 2 days seminars and the final conference were organized.

The Ist seminar. 15-16, 22-23/11/2001
Topics of the seminar:
Preparation of a teacher to work with particular child. Preparation of pupils and their parents. Preparation of class for integration of child with special needs.  Ways and methods for cognition of pupils. Trying of different ways of introduction. Group work organization. Methods of group work. Specific methods of group work helping to master a teaching subject content. Importance of cooperation and communication for the integration or children with special needs. 

The IInd seminar. 10-11, 17-18/01/2002
Topics of the seminar:
Methods of active learning. Educational games. Games for social skills development. Testing of specific game methods.

The IIIrd seminar. 7-8, 14-15/03/2002
Topics of the seminar:
Methods of work with parents. A method of active meeting. Writing of letters. Strategies of organizing events rallying a class community. Methods of evaluation and self evaluation. Preparation of portfolio. Collection of social data.

The final conference. 10/05/2002
Analysis of collected social data. Evaluation of effectiveness of different methodologies. Preparation of methodical recommendations for teachers working with special needs children. 

Project results
  • Project participants acquired knowledge and practical skills of the work with special needs children and will be able to share the experience with their colleagues.
  • Teachers, participated in the project, developed, tested and evaluated concrete action plans for a work with special needs children.  They also developed individual models of special needs children integration into school.
  • During the final conference participants made presentations, shared their experience, discussed peculiarities of special needs children integration.
  • On the basis of seminar materials and materials collected and tested by project participants a methodical Guidebook was prepared for teachers working with special needs children.



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