Reading and sharing


Project duration: 2007

Project supported by:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania

Project partners:
Publishing house "Alma littera"
Institute of Social Communication of Vilniaus Pedagogical University
Theatre laboratory "Atviras ratas"
Lithuanian Parents Forum

Project aim
To develop critical thinking, intelligent, educated citizens that evaluate reading as personal and social skill.

Project objectives
  • To stress the importance of reading and information selection during seminars, discussions, meetings.
  • To introduce to project participants with methods, strategies and opportunities of meaningful reading and critical thinking.
  • To organize events, activities, meetings with writers, publishers in various educational and social institutions and thus promote the reading in various social groups.
  • To prepare and publish the printed and video material for reading promotion strategies and to distribute it during workshops.
Project participants
The project was intended for students of general education schools, their parents, teachers, schools and communities, high school students.

6 Lithuanian schools were involved into the project: 
Vilnius “Vyturys” primary school
Vilnius S. Daukantas secondary school
Vilnius P. Vileišis basic school
Contemporary School Centre
Molėtai gymnasium
Mažeikiai “Žiburėlis” primary school

In total there were over 300 people of all ages and social classes during the project participated in various campaigns, seminars and events

Project activities
Action "Reading together" for International Literacy Day, 7 September 2007
The main action took place in Vilnius Vyturys "primary school, Vilnius S. Daukantas secondary school, Vilnius P. Vileišis basic school, Šilutė first gymnasium, Mazeikiai "Žiburėlis" primary school, Molėtai gymnasium. Throughout the day in schools there were held book readings, discussions and books presentations, various forums, meetings with writers and representatives of publishing house "Alma littera. Students prepared and presented their writings, literary almanacs, books advertisements.

Reading seminars, September-October 2007
During the project period there were organized seminars "Reading workshop", prepared in accordance with the international project "Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking" guidelines. Seminars, presenting a range of reading promotion techniques were intended for pupils, students and teachers of different subjects who shared the acquired knowledge with others, through reading promotion events in various educational and social institutions. There were organized 7 seminars that were attended by 30 students of secondary schools, 86 students of higher schools, 64 teachers, 15 lecturers. In total - 195 participants.

Social actions, September-November 2007
The project actively engaged secondary and higher schools students not only to discovered reading again, but also to share their experience with others. On 7 September in Molėtai gymnasium was held the The Book Fair during which collected books were donated to Molėtai child care home. Students of Vilnius Pedagogical University Social Communication Institute visited pupils in kindergartens, child care homes, Vilnius Santariskės children's hospital oncology section, gave the books, red fairytales, talked, discussed not only about reading but also about other things that are important for children. Students of Vilnius Pedagogical University Social Communication Institute also organized a student's reading promotion campaign in Vilnius, P. Vileišis secondary school.

Publication of methodical materials, November 2007
Asta Navickaite, Danguole Dauksiene, Raimonda Jariene
Effective reading strategies: reading workshop. - V.: MDC, 2008.+DVD

This publication devoted to different subject teachers, form masters, seeking to present reading promotion strategy - reading workshop, that help to develop motivated and conscious readers. Publication will help to engage students in reading, to make reading interesting and meaningful activity. Methodical material is illustrated with students writings and paintings. Publication is supplemented by video materials - reading workshop filmed in Lithuanian schools.

The final event of the project, 27 November 2007 
The event brought together the most active project participants sincerely and openly reflect on what reading means for us, our family members, friends and society in general. Over 70 people have participated in the event including representatives from all participating schools, project partners and sponsors.
There were organised discussion "Reading: for and against" and these actual questions were raised:
Is the reading changing people? If so, how?
Is reading appreciated among school friends, family?
What is a good reader?
Do teachers (lecturers) learn to read?
Some of us likes to read, others - less, and others - do not like. Why is that?
What books like reading teachers, students, pupils?
Do they discuss their readings during lessons, with friends, family members?
What students could offer (if they would be presidents, ministers, directors of schools) for reading promotion?

It was agreed that:
Reading is fun, but very time intensive pleasure;
Students would like to read more during the lessons and talk about it
Reading is important for individual self-development
It is fun to talk about reading with others.

Project results
  • Various reading events, organised during the project contributed to the reading promotion in our community.
  • During reading seminars, classes and workshops reading strategies and reading promotion methods  were introduced for teachers, pupils and students.
  • It is expected that the project participants will assess the importance of reading, will learn for meaningful reading, using the methods that help to control the reading, critical thinking, and will look for ways to promote the reading of various social groups.
Projekto renginių nuotraukos

Action "Day with book" at Mažeikiai "Žiburėlis" primary school

Meeting with actors at Vilnius "Vyturys" primary school

Meeting with the representative of publishing house "Alma littera" at "Vyturys" primary school

Presentation of students' writings almanac at Molėtai gymnasium

Meeting with the editor of publishing house "Alma littera" at Vilnius P. Vileišis basic school

Discussions during the final event of the project



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