MOT-E / From Best Motivation to Best Education

Project duration: 2008 - 2009

Project supported by:
Nordic Council of Ministers, The Nordplus Framework Programme

Project coordinator:
CIRIUS, Denmark

Project partners:
Modern Didactics Center, Lithuania
Pirkanmaa Westcome, Adult Education Unit, Finland
Sudurnes Comprehensive College, Iceland
Sudurnes Life-long Learning Centre, Iceland

Project background
Motivation plays an important role in education in generally and in Adult education especially. Different countries have rich experience in Adult education area. Adult educators across all Europe agree that good assorted motivation is the direct way to good education and successful lifelong learning process. Project idea is based on presumption that motivation is a key issue in adult education. Good practices and experience example already exist in different countries. Finding out more about motivation could bring more possibilities for partner institutions involved in the project.

Project aim
Project aimed to reach adults with low participation in life long learning process (LLP) (formal and non-formal), invite them to participate in any kind of learning activities proposed by project partners using variety of social advertisement marketing tools and improving content and forms of learning services.

Project objectives
  • To analyze and map in-countries situation towards project target group: reasons for not participating, marketing strategies applied in partner countries, most popular programs and learning forms.
  • To analyze and test different social advertisement marketing tools in order to attract as many as possible adult learners not participating (or poor participating) in LLP.
  • To improve and develop adult education programs (content and forms of delivery).
  • To create and maintain in-country network to support project.
  • To disseminate project ideas from the very beginning of its start.
Project target groups
  • Institutions working in adult education area.
    Adult learners not participating or poor participating in LLP.
Project activities
Project was developed as preparatory action of partner organizations coming together to develop full proposal for Nordplus programme.

The project focused on investigations on adult motivation and needs for education (existing situation in Iceland, Finland and Lithuania) and creating (or adapting) of relevant methodology and tools for established motivation and development of adult education.

Partners met in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 6-9 October 2008, shared their experiences in adult education, especially working with less motivated and advanced groups. Partners visited adult education centre in Vilnius, get acquainted with teaching and learning practices. Partners researched materials on adults motivation and intentions to learn, discussed effective methodologies and strategies, that could be applied working with disadvantaged groups. At the end of the meeting they developed general scheme and draft proposal for the next call of proposals.

Project results
  • Participating organizations had opportunity to share their experiences on adult education teaching and learning, to share and compare, and to develop together methodology of investigation.

  • Strong partnership relations were built.

  • Prepared project and full application for Nordplus Adult programme.



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