Educational Change: Development of Teachers Competences

Project duration: 12 January - 30 September 2010

Project supported by:
Project is supported by the Republic of Lithuania
Project is supported by Norwegian Financial Mechanism under the subsidies scheme “Transfer of experience and strengthening of cooperation among local, regional and Euro-regional partners in Lithuania and Norway”

Project coordinator:
Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium, Lithuania

Project partners:
Modern Didactics Centre, Lithuania
Trysil school, Norway

Project background
According to the European Union 2009-2012 priorities in the sphere of education in Lithuania the content of general education is being constantly renewed. In 2009-2012 new programmes of basic education will be put into action, the programmes of secondary education are also going to be renewed. They strongly change the attitude to teaching and learning.

According to the data of national and international research, the main problems being solved in the process of learning – unattractive learning environment, the lack of students’ motivation as well as their poor learning skills and teachers’ proficiency in organizing and optimizing the process of learning.

The most significant social purpose in contemporary Lithuania - the development of information society and knowledge economy. Dual role in this process is falls to the school: as an organization, making its performance, it must learn to manage information, on the other - raise the students' competence. Addressing these challenges general education schools consistently computerized and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are referring as one of the most important conditions for change in the educational process.

According Information Technology Education Center 2007 data, in Lithuanian schools of general education, there was 9,7 computers to 100 pupils (in Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium – 10,1). O only several schools in Lithuania are developed strategies of ICT usage in their work. In ICT operation in teaching Lithuania is twice from behind the EU countries average. In Lithuania 59% of teachers use a computer in classroom, in Jonas Biliunas gymnasium – only 45%, in Norway – 89%.

Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers’ survey conducted in the 2008-2009 school year, shows that school need to develop a strategy for ICT use, seeking to optimize of information flows, to modernize the education (learning) environment, to develop teachers' skills in ICT management, more actively use teachers’ creative potential for methodological activities in the field of ICT.

Differently from Lithuania, Norway occupies a leading position in Europe in the field of computerization of schools. In this country number of computers using by students in education process is up to 4 times higher than the Lithuanian average. Norway Trysil school is ready to share the positive experience of ICT use in education and to cooperate actively seeking for new methodological opportunities to develop this activity.

With this project it is seeking for major upgrading the teaching and learning of Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium, active cooperation of Lithuania and Norway teachers in adoption and dissemination of best educational experience, as well as practical and intercultural cooperation of project in the future.

Project aim
To focus on tendencies of modern pedagogical activities, using the experience of Lithuanian and Norwegian schools in developing teachers’ competence which is necessary for creating modern learning environment and using it for effective improvement of learning quality.

Project participants and target groups
Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers - 61 (30 active participants)
Trysil school teachers - 37 (20 active participants)
Project activities

The theoretical-practical conference "The role of the school in the information society and knowledge economy"
The conference was held on 3 March 2010 in Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium. The were discussed tendencies of educational change and and current practice in using ICT to improve the quality of education. Project partners - Modern Didactics Centre and Norway Trysil school introduced their activities. After plenary session work in groups took place generating ICT application in Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium, and planning steps of ICT strategy development.

Preparation for internships in Norway
Preparing for visits to Norway, Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers had ICT training in the technological level and training for educational ICT competence development. During the trainings there were foreseen aims and objectives of internship, key activities and role of project participants in these activities.

Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers internship in Norway
The goal of internships - to get acquainted with the use of ICT to improve teaching (learning) environment and management experience in teaching, teachers' educational ICT competencies, capabilities and objectives of future co-operation partners anticipation. There were foreseen two 5-day long visits to Norway Trysil school. The first internship was held on  25-29 April 2010, the second - on 20-24 September 2010.

Development of teachers' educational ICT competencies, learning to apply them
During the trainings there was solidified experience acquired in Norway, adapting it to local training (learning) needs and environment, helping teachers to provide adequate opportunities for ICT usage in education individualizing and differentiating teaching (learning).

Norway Trysil school teachers' visit to Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium
During this internship good experience of both countries teachers was applied into practice. Teachers have worked together in planning the structure and content of methodological recommendations for ICT use. Teachers discussed and prepared both school communities intercultural cooperation strategy.

Development of methodological recommendations of ICT usage for education quality improvement
With leadership and counselling of the Modern Didactics Centre, project participants have developed methodical recommendations reflecting the full potential of ICT use to improve the educational process.

The final project conference
The conference took place in both schools, 23 September 2010 in Trysil and on 29 September 2010 in Anyksciai, seeking to present project achievements, to sign co-operation agreement between Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium and Trysil.

Project results
  • There have been developed methodological recommendations of ICT usage for education quality improvement in Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium.
  • Project initiated by Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium addressing the fundamental actuality of today - development ICT competences of community members and that it contributes to the information society and knowledge economy development in the region.
  • The project promoted more rapid development and implementation of school ICT strategy - that corresponds to the National 2007-2010 program of regions social and economic disparities reduction objective 1.4.4 - To update and develop infrastructure of the institutions of science and education.
  • This project continued active cooperation between Norway Hedmark county and Utena county, ongoing since 1995.
  • The project developed cooperation between the Lithuanian and Norwegian state and municipal institutions and agencies, other public entities sharing best practices and actively using it for progressive development of communities.

Conference in Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium, Lithuania, 3 March 2010
Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers visit to Trysil school, 25-29 April  2010
Trysil school teachers visit to Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium, 30 August - 2 September 2010
Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium teachers visit to Trysil school 20-24 September 2010



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