European integration into school community


Project duration: 2000 - 2001

Project supported by:
Delegation of the European Commission to Lithuania

Project coordination:
Europe House

Project partners:
Modern Didactics Center
Siauliai Youth and Pupils Information Center "Youth on the Way to Europe"

Project background
Information on specific Lithuania’s integration issues is insufficient for school communities. Even when it is sufficient, it can hardly be comprehended by students because of its complicated form of presentation and difficult language. Different events organized in this field in majority cases are not targeted at and adopted to the students’ needs. This causes their indifference towards the EU-related subjects.
Thus it is reasonable to involve them in the dissemination of information on the EU-related issues to their contemporaries. Preparing lectures on specific integration issues students will translate the subject into a clear and comprehensible language. They will convey the message to their contemporaries in other schools of the county, thus making it more accessible.

Project objectives
  • To increase secondary school students’ knowledge of the EU-related issues.
  • To increase awareness of the youth in the above issues.
  • To develop civic consciousness of the youth.
  • To help shape students’ views on Lithuania’s integration into the EU.
  • To encourage active participation of the youth in discussing the EU-related issues.
  • To increase the ability of schools to work in teams of teachers and students for common goals.
  • To increase understanding of a European school.
Project participants
Students and teachers of secondary schools

Project activities
I STAGE - Lecturers for students on EU-Related Issues, February-May 2001
 A series of five reports-discussions were organised for more than 200 senior Vilnius and Siauliai secondary school students on different EU-related issues.
Topics of reports were as follows:
"Costs and Benefits of Lithuania's Membership in the EU"
"Free Movement of Persons: Advantages and Problems"
"Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant and the Future of Lithuanian Energy"
"Relationship with Russia and Lithuania's Integration into the EU"
"Prospects of Agricultural Development in Lithuania"

On the basis of each report more than 80 participants drafted their own presentations, which were delivered to their contemporaries in different Vilnius and Siauliai secondary schools.

II STAGE - Summer camp "Youth on the Way to Europe", June 2001
A seven-day summer camp "Youth on the Way to Europe" was organized by the end of June for 50 best reporters and participants of discussions from Vilnius and Siauliai secondary schools. The programme of the camp contained both work and leisure activities, namely the Council Game where students simulated the EU Council of Ministers and considered the issue of accession of new member countries to the EU, guided discussions on the Future of Young People in the EU, the training on developing presentation skills of students as well as workshops on the country's negotiation process. On the bases of the EU "directives" participants worked out the negotiating positions and conducted negotiations on the Protection of Bats and the Use of Yellow Bicycles in the Capital".

III STAGE - Competition "My School - European School", February-April 2001
Modern Didactics Center was responsible for organization of the competition.

The aim of the competition was to involve secondary school teachers and students in the building of a new democratic school, to develop students' initiative and active participation in school reforms.
The competition was conducted in secondary schools of Lithuania. 143 secondary schools participated in the competition, which submitted 163 projects.
Projects displayed participants' vision of a European school, expressed by means of researches, radio programmes, graffiti, presentations, performances, etc.
Winners of the competition:
Team of Kaunas Sargenai secondary school - Project-action "Solidarity I".
Team of Klaipeda district Veivirzenai secondary school - Project of school decoration "Graffiti".
Team of Kursenai Laurynas Ivinskis gymnasium -  Project "Help the friend".
Team of Vilnius Baltupiai secondary school - Project "Agora"

Poster of the competition (articts R.Kepezinskas)

Pictures from project presentation on 20 June 2001



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