Developing economic awareness in Utena region


Project No. LT0009-03-01-0043

Project duration: 2002-2003

Project supported by:
Human Resource Development Fund

Project coordinator - Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium

Project partners:
Vilnius university International Business School
Junior Achievement Lithuania
Modern Didactics Center
Joint stock company "Sinchronizacija"

Project background
Taking into consideration market needs and seeking to improve skills and enterprise of Lithuanian people is intended to introduce compulsory teaching of Economics in Lithuania schools during 2002-2003 school year. Of the Utena region’s 165 secondary schools only 19 could offer such economic teaching. Clearly the underlying problem revolves around the availability of qualified teaching personnel. Economics teaching will be commended for specialist or other subjects teachers passed special courses.

According 2002 data of Lithuania Statistics Department, demographical situation in Utena region is one of the most problematic in the country: birth rate is permanently decreasing and it will influence decreasing number of students in secondary schools in the future. Therefore lot of women teachers, nowadays constituting 85,8% of all employed pedagogues in Utena region, could lost their positions. During last 5 years level of unemployment in the region increased from 7% till 10,5%. Young people, even with higher education, could hardly find a job.

This project was initiated to support these social groups and provide them a possibility to acquire new qualification of Economics teachers.

Project aims
  • Promote human recourse development, seeking to reduce a gap of  economical development between Utena region and Lithuania average.
  • To improve professional skills and increase professional occupation in the region.
  • To contribute towards successful adaptation of labour force to changing labour market.
  • To strength vocational education in the region
  • To create favourable conditions for employment of young people, women and other social groups, that hardly integrates in labour market.
  • To stimulate and strength partnership in local community.
Project participants
29 participants from there target groups participated in the project:

  • young unemployed people with a higher economical or pedagogical education;
  • women teachers who are likely to become unemployed in the future as the school rolls drop.
Project activities
The main activity of the project - implementation of the Economics teachers' training programme. The cycle of 10 seminars of 180 hours was provided for participants containing full course of the theory of market economy, usage of contemporary teaching methods in Economics teaching, basic skills of computer literacy, that are necessary applying IT in Economics teaching process.

Partners role in the project
  • Anyksciai Jonas Biliunas gymnasium - organization and coordination of project activities.

  • Vilnius university International Business School - seminars on Economics theory and tendencies of national economy development.

  • Modern Didactics Center - seminars on basic issues of educational change, knowledge and skills of pedagogy and psychology, modern teaching methods.

  • Junior Achievement Lithuania - presentation of prepared Economics teaching programmes, sharing of experience of Economics teaching at secondary school and IT usage possibilities in this field.

  • Joint stock company "Sinchronizacija" - acquaintance of project participants with IT appliance in business management.
Project results
  • Project participants acquired knowledge of  market economy, skills to work with certain computer programmes, got acquainted with modern teaching methods.
  • It is expected that project participants could find a position of Economics teacher or to start private business.
  • Local community was interested in project activities, especially in possibilities for personal professional expression that project offered. 
  • Professional competence of project partners ensured high quality f project activities. The community of Utena region pedagogues is going to maintain further development of project partners cooperation.
  • Project coordinator, basing on project experience, is going to create favourable conditions for education institutions and business unites cooperation in the field of young people economical education.



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