News from the projects

In 2015-2016 Modern Didactics Centre is implementing the international project of Development cooperation and democracy promotion programme "European Lessons". Partners of the project - Association “School-Family-Society” (Georgia) and Educational centre "Pro Didactica" (Moldova). The project targets secondary school pupils (at age 16-18) and young people (at age 18-29) by encouraging them to know more about EU values, history, politics; helping to understand and recognize value of democratic countries community for each separate country. Project aims to renew and create educational programs for development of European values and knowledge about euro-integration processes. The project is financed by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania. 

In 2015 Modern Didactics Centre is implementing in Lithuania the project  "Talk About", that aims to introduce the  international alcohol prevention program to support young people making responsible choices in relation to alcohol consumption. There will be issued in Lithuanian The guidebook that methodology was developed by Sweden specialists and are successfully implemented in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, as well as Estonian and Latvian schools. The guidebook “Talk About” is prepared for educators working in the alcohol and other psychoactive substances using prevention, school psychologists, social workers, as well as class tutors. This is a set of training sessions for alcohol using prevention, ready to work with 11-18 year age students. There was prepared and accredited in-service teacher training program “Talk About” and trainings will be organized in Lithuanian municipalities. 

There is finished three years duration (2013-2015) Grundtvig Learning Partnership project "LeGMe - Learning to Be a Good Mentor" (Ref. No.2013-1-RO1-GRU06-29565 1). Project aimed to prepare the human and pedagogical resources for the partners to be able to establish effective mentoring programmes in support of their respective communities' adults and young children with a view to empowering them for meaningful, responsible contribution to the community's welf. The project comprised eight organizations from different European countries: Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Slovakia, Croatia. 


In 2013-2015 m. Modern Didactics Centre with 6 local partners is implementing the European Social Fund project "Development of Critical Thinking Competences in Non-formal Education". This project aims to develop critical thinking competences of non-formal education specialists, students, youth, parents by preparing contemporary methodical materials. 

On 19 March 2015 there was held the final conference of the project "Critical Thinking for Non-formal Education: Experience and Opportunities". During the conference there were discussed interfaces of non-formal education and critical thinking, project results were presented in separate working groups: “Traits of critically thinking personality and their education”, “Parents' involvement in critical thinking education processes“, “Critical thinking for the organization development", "Critical thinking - socially responsible thinking”.


Maya Gainer, representative of "Innovations for Successful Societies" researchers group from Princeton University (USA) visited Modern Didactics Centre in February, 2015. An aim of her visit was to develop case study about the Centre's anticorruption education programs, implemented in the period 2002-2008. The researcher met and talked with Modern Didactics Centre staff, former Transparency International and Special Investigation Service staff members, teachers and students, municipal servants that participated in programs activities. Published case study you can find here


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