The study visits programme for education and vocational training specialists, part of the lifelong learning programme 2007-13 (LLP), is an initiative of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education and Culture. Its objective is to support policy development and cooperation at European level in lifelong learning, notably in the context of the Lisbon process and the education and training agenda 2020 (E&T2020), as well as the Bologna and Copenhagen processes and their successors.

Modern Didactics Center was selected by the National Agency of Lithuania to organise the study visit CREATIVITY FOR QUALITY EDUCATION
on 7-11 October 2013 in Vilnius.

Education plays crucial role in development of and for creativity. Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuanian Republic announced development of creativity as the key priority for 2012-2013 and put it as one of the main priorities in the Education Strategy for 2013-2022. With the support of the EU structural funds, the government initiated several educational projects on creativity skills development. One of them – “Development of Creativity: Research and Methodology” implemented by Modern didactics center (further – MDC) together with Kaunas Regional Educational Center and 5 schools of different levels of secondary education. During 2011 and 2012, 5 different types of research were carried out to find out schools communities, teachers, pupils’ approaches towards creativity, teachers’ ability to teach and students to learn and apply creativity skills.
MDC also runs long term in-service training program for teachers and adults on the same topic, has wide network of different school types, who apply creative teaching and learning strategies. MDC has long cooperation history with the Ministry and it’s institutions that initiate, develop and implement innovative programmes.
MDC already has experience in organizing study visits for different educators – from the Minster’s delegations till the various teachers and adult educators groups. MDC is going to share it’s experience gained in the above mentioned project, arrange site visits to the different institutions, including schools that have to share interesting ideas and activities.

Participants have learned about:
• research carried out in 2011 - 2013, concerning development of creativity and for creativity in Lithuania;
• new methodology developed for different type of secondary education schools and will be able to experience it during mini-seminar;
• creative initiatives implemented in different type of schools in Vilnius;
• state policies on promoting creativity as life long learning goal and main strategy.

Participants have:
• visited MDC and met researchers to get acquainted with the research and its outcomes;
• been introduced to the methodology of creativity development and participated in mini seminar;
• visited schools, observed classrooms, met and talked with teachers;
• visited Ministry of Education and Science and Education Development Centre to know about national policies and strategies;
• shared and learned from each other.


Study visit participants

Manfred CZYCHI
Walter-Eucken-Schule, Headmaster
Asociación Europe 4 U, Representante
Salih Sirri DEMİREL
Tavsanli Tepecik Ortaokulu, Headmaster
Agency for Quality Assurance in Education and Training, Senior advisor

Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria "Castelar", Head
Stephan DELLER
Walter-Klingenbeck-Schule - Staatliche Realschule Taufkirchen, Realschulkonrektor
Rectorat d`Amiens, Director of education
Ministère de l éducation nationale rectorat de besancon, Inspector of national education
Istituto Comprensivo n°6, Teacher trainer primary/infant
Alison COBB
United Kingdom
West Wycombe Combined School, Headteacher
Fédération de l`Enseignement Secondaire Catholique, Coordinator
Maria Rosa BORGHI
Istituto comprensivo di argelato (BO), Headteacher
Marta VAD
Liceul Teoretic "Petőfi Sándor", Săcueni, Headmaster


Study visit management team

Didzioji str. 5, LT-01128 Vilnius
tel., fax. + 370 5 212 3623
Daiva Penkauskiene
MDC director
Asta Matonyte
MDC programs and projects
coordinators assistant
Urte Penkauskaite
MDC administrator

  Study visit information


List of participants

Group report

Organizator's report (LT)

  Study visit links

 Lithuania National Agency

Onuðkis secondary school of Trakai region

Vilnius Simonas Daukantas basic school

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The Ministry of Education and Science of The Republic of Lithuania

  Participants'  presentations

 Creativity for Quality Education / IVANA PRETE

Creativity Education in Bologna University / IVANA PRETE

Creativity for Quality Education /BRUNO MATHELART

The Educational System in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation / BRUNO MATHELART

Education and Creativity in the United Kingdom / ALISON COBB

Education and Creativity Training in Flanders / RITA CABUS

 The French System of Education / CLAIRE BOUILLER, SÉVERINE VERSCHAEVE  

Romanian Educational System / MARTA VAD

Education in Spain / DAVID CORDENTE MESAS

 Walter Klingenbeck School / STEPHAN DELLER

Turkish Education System / SALIH SIRRI DEMİREL

Walter Eucken Schule / MANFRED CZYCHI

Role of Creativity in Lithuania’s Education System / DAIVA PENKAUSKIENE

Methodology of Creativity Development in Lithuania / DAIVA PENKAUSKIENE, RAIMONDA JARIENE

Development of Creativity at Different School Age in Lithuania. 2011-2012 Research Report / DAIVA PENKAUSKIENE, RAIMONDA JARIENE

Creative Partnerships Lithuania: Space for Whole School Change / MILDA LAUZIKAITE, AGNE NORKUTE

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  2010 study visit CRED'o

On 4-8 October 2010 MDC has organized study visit CRED’o: Creative Education – Successful Generation.

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In December 2011 the study visit CRED’o: Creative Education – Successful Generation was nominated by Education Exchanges Support Foundation (Lithuanian National Agency) as highest quality study visit organized during 2007-2011 in Lithuania.


This activity has been funded with support from the European Commission lifelong learning programme, that is administrating in Lithuania Republic by the Education Exchanges Support Foundation  

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